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Welcome to the official website of the Swiss Transplantation Society

+The primary mission of STS is to be the prime interdisciplinary organization for transplantation science and scholarship in Switzerland and to provide a forum for presenting the developing state of the art and science of transplantation.

STS aims to promote transplantation in Switzerland and is dedicated to the scientific future of this field, health policies, political aspects, and recommendations in medico-legal aspects. STS is also responsible for the quality of training and development, as well as conducting scientific studies.

This mission is currently accomplished by conducting annual scientific meetings and by supporting educative and scientific activities from their members. The next 2 days meeting will take place in the CONGRESS HOTEL SEEPARK in THUN on Thursday 23th & Friday 24th of January 2020. Planning has commenced and details will be soon available here. STS distributes three awards each year on the occasion of its annual Congress, thanks to the support of the Swiss Transplant Foundation and of pharmaceutical companies. These awards reward the authors of the best publications by surgeons, physicians and scientists in the fields of transplantation and organ donation.

The members of STS are physicians, scientists and other academic specialties who have distinguished themselves in the field of organ transplantation. STS is in close collaboration with The Transplantation Society and all STS members are dual members. Existing STS Members that have paid their 2020 membership (will be invoiced in October 2019) fee dues are kindly requested to update their contact and registration information by clicking here.

STS is moving forward in playing a major role in its field in the development of transplantation in Switzerland, and must serve as a friendly and efficient platform to share ideas, scientific information, studies, and hopefully trainees. Friendship and a desire to learn from each other in an interdisciplinary manner should be the sole spirit in our association. Let's give STS a new impulse.